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Increasingly today our societies confront daunting complexity of conditions and challenges.  Finding a path forward, that is respectful, responsible, sensitive, sensible, and effective, is a fundamental goal. This aim holds true regardless of scale + scope, parameters + particulars.




Solutions for many projects (both opportunities + problems) in today's ethos should be generated in an interdisciplinary manner, should be holistic in character, and should be simple, clear and potent.


innovation - integration - imagination

brian sinclair Design Strategem



 In Spring 2006, Dr. Brian R. Sinclair crafted a model, coined the ‘Design Matters Strategem’, to provide guidance to institutions as major capital projects come on board and key planning decisions need to be rendered.Given that there are compelling reasons to marry mission + place, and that design presents universities with a potent vehicle with which to build the strength, reputation, effectiveness and attractiveness of their institution, this model encompasses the following 10 points to inform decision making in light of unprecedented building projects and exceptional campus growth. This punchlist of items is intended to shape, guide, enthuse and influence, in a high-level and overarching manner, the conception, creation and construction of new plans, grounds, buildings & interiors at major insitutions.


1. People First

2. Celebrate Community

3. Exemplify + Embody Values

4. Present + Pursue Vision

5. Learning Landscapes

6. Outstanding Architecture

7. Inspiring Spaces

8. Livable Places

9. Sustainable Environments

10. Mix Uses | Mix Users


Several issues that underpin the above-noted points include:


• Vital need for ongoing design-focused open, inclusive and transparent communication + conversation with a broad spectrum of stakeholders on and off campus.

• Dedication, willingness and ability to seek ‘social concentrators’ + realize extraordinary places on campus that define our institution and that together symbolize a ‘heart & soul’ for the institution.

• Significant need to more fully and meaningfully develop the aforesaid 10 point punchlist in a way that promotes qualitative + creative aspirations while concurrently underscoring the importance of quantifiable measurable targets and realistic achievable commitments.

• Obligation and opportunity to consider precedent and apply best practices.

• Importance of seeking world-leading, long-lasting and exceptional-quality legacy projects that transcend current styles, politics, and personalities.

• Aspiration to propel and position the institution as an exemplary and model institution of higher learning at the regional, national and international levels.